Spreading the Word

What's the issue?

How can you make the biggest impact on climate change, but reducing your carbon emissions by 50% or by convincing 10 other to reduce theirs by 10% each? It's a rhetorical question and highlights that one of the best things you can do it to talk about it.

What we can do about it

Talk about it

  • post on a Didsbury Facebook group

  • whatever you platform, follow as many instagram, twitter, facebook climate groups that you can. There are thousands of them!

Share widely!

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There is so much information out there, it's hard to know where to start. Here's a couple of ideas to get started:

Pressure your politicians and council

We have 3 councillors in Didsbury East and 3 in Didsbury West. They all run surgeries, so go and meet them and let them know what you want.

Our MP is Jeff Smith

Join People Place Planet

We are small group of people with one aim, to reduce carbon emissions. No other agenda. We have many projects that want to run and will need people to join us if we're going to make them happen.

Please contact us with suggestions, ideas or just want to be more involved.