What's the issue?

Every time throw something away, something needs to be done with it. It needs to be transported somewhere and then dealt with in some way, possibly recycled or possibly sent to a landfill, where it will continue to cause ecological damage for hundreds of years.

Dealing with waste, does not need to be just about putting something in the right coloured bin.

What we can do about it

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We talk about recycling as the environmental choice. It's much better than disposing of course course, but there is much more that we can do. Think about these 4 Rs.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I need to buy this?

  • Can I buy less of it?

  • Rather than dispose of it, can I reuse it?

  • If you need to recycle, make sure you know what can go in which bin

The fifth R - Rot

Every thought of composting. Much of what goes into the green bin, doesn't need to. If you've got a garden, get a compost bin and stick the compostable items in there. Saves on transport, processing and landfill.

Use zero waste shops

We have the most amazing options for zero waste shop. The idea is that you take your containers, weight them, and fill them up. There is one within walking distance of almost everyone in Didsbury:

Find another user

Your unwanted goods are someone else desirable items. Before something goes into the bin, think about how it can be used.

  • Sell it on ebay if you can post it or gumtree if you want someone to collect it. Try Freecycle if you're just trying to give it away and need it gone quickly.

  • Take it to a charity shop

  • Recycle your old electronic items: RecycleReBuild

Recycle everything

There are lots of items that you can't put in the recycling bins. However, there are many schemes around to stop items going into the black bin (destined for landfill).

  • Terracycle maintain a page with many options for how to you can recycle many products from Gillette razors to disposable pens

  • Tesco's at Parrs Wood now collect soft plastics that don't go in the blue bin. Just drop them in the collection rack.

  • Gift your old phone through Community Calling. You phone will be cleaned, wiped and redistributed to someone in need.

Find out more about recycling

You can visit the recycling centre at Longley Lane in Northenden to learn about what happens to your waste after it gets taken away.