Project mission

People Place Planet Didsbury is a community group to fight climate change. Our aim is to inform and educate about the scale of the current emergency and how we can reduce our carbon footprint to build a better future. 

That's it!

The group is run by and for Didsbury.

We believe that by starting with a local focus and concentrating on the place we know and love, we can make great things happen. 

Please contact us if you want to get involved in any way. If you have an idea for how to reduce carbon emissions, please contact us. We may have some contacts or funding that might help you on the way.

Who are we?

We're a small group of people who are committed to helping each other tackle the climate problem.

The organising committee are:

Simon Ferris (Chair)

Nicola Humphries (Secretary, Fundraising)

Adam McMahon (Treasurer)

Rachel Calam (Behavioural Change)

Linda Foley (Carbon Literacy Lead)

Chiara Framassi (Events)

Alison Hawdale (Outreach)

Amber Reid (Youth, Design)

Bios coming soon...

Please contact us on if you want to know how you can get involved. Any contributions at all would be very welcome, however small or big!

Our Governance documents

PPP Purpose and Mission - Publish.pdf

Who we are

pppDidsbury Constitution.pdf


PPPD Membership.pdf

Becoming a Member

Meeting Minutes

PPPD Committee Minutes 3_11_22.pdf

Committee Meeting 

3rd Nov 2022