People Place Planet

working together to build a zero carbon Didsbury

People Place Planet Didsbury is a community group to fight climate change together. To inform and educate about the scale of the current emergency and to support each other ton reduce our carbon footprint and build a better future.

Manchester declared a climate emergency in 2019 and set a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2038. To achieve this we need to cut our emissions across the city by 50% before 2025.

We have fallen behind and as each year passes, the target becomes less achievable.

Didsbury is the highest emitting area in Manchester and our local efforts will be critical to whether our city hits these targets. We can still make this happen.

Inaction is not an option.

We will be working with the community, schools and businesses to help each other rise to the challenge.

How can you help?


If you want to join us in the fight for a sustainable future and have a little time, knowledge or skills that you think might help, please join our group as a member.

If you become a member of People Place Planet Didsbury, you will:

  • be added to our members’ WhatsApp group and emailing list;

  • receive a copy of our newsletter;

  • be asked to offer a little time, skills or knowledge in support of our activities;

  • receive occasional information via email and WhatsApp asking for help with a specific project be invited to a members’ meeting approximately every 3 months, to hear what is happening and have the opportunity to share your views;

  • be invited to an annual AGM; and

  • be bound by the rules of the group People Place Planet Didsbury. These can be accessed via our website.

There is no cost or specific obligation to being a member of People Place Planet Didsbury, but we would ask that you are prepared to take an active role in the activities of the group.

To become a member:

Contact us and ask. Simple as that!


Subject to approval by the PPPD Committee, you will be added to the mailing list and the WhatsApp group (unless you ask not to be added).


To be kept in the loop, sign up to receive the occasional newsletter

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Come along to any of our events. We will be running Carbon Literacy Training, Information Evening as well as appearing at local events.

Upcoming events are here