What's the issue?

Almost one third of all carbon dioxide emissions come from transport and almost half of that comes from road passenger journeys.

What we can do about it

Make less journeys

Reduce your journeys, particularly short journeys. Modern vehicles emit twice as much pollution in the first five minutes of running. Didsbury is on one of the best bus routes in the UK, has 4 tram stops and 2 train station, so there is very often a public transport option. Every time you want to drive your car, think about whether it is necessary:

Use public transport

Our area is one of the best places for live if you want to use public transport. Didsbury has great buses, trams and trains.

11 benefits of using public transport

Fly less

Flying is responsible for 2% of the worlds carbon emissions, but the effect is worse than that due to the carbon dioxide being released at high altitude. The best solution at the moment, is to fly less. Could you holiday in the UK or find another way to get to where you are going.

Stop idling

Do not leave your engine running when you aren't in motion. An idling engine can produce up to twice as many exhaust emissions as an engine in motion, If it's cold, put a coat on. If it's hot, take it off!

Consider Electric

Although having an electric car will never be as carbon efficient as not driving, electric cars and the infrastructure to support them are developing all the time. Running costs can be much lower and you do not need to pay road tax. Leasing options are available if you are concerned about a one off purchase. 

Should I switch to an electric car?

What are the types of Electric Vehicles?

Consider car sharing

This could be a great option for some people. There are various schemes. Please let us know if you use this and how was your experience:

Enterprise Car Club