Didsbury Clean Air Community Assembly

The state of our air quality has been in the news a lot recently. So is it better than in the past, or worse? How will the climate emergency affect the quality of the air that we breath?

This public meeting is inviting people to come, listen to a few short presentations on air quality and then, using the format of a community assembly, together we will consider the question 'how might we improve the quality of our air in Didsbury?'.

The aim is to bring local people and organisations together - bringing voice, creativity and energy to enhance the health of our air.

Where: Emmanuel Church, Didsbury

When: Monday 4th March 7:00-9:00 

Deeds not Words

How can you support the current Didsbury East Climate Action Plan?

How can we develop climate action further in our community in 2024?

Please join us to meet other people trying to put “the urgency into the climate and ecological emergency”.

People Place Planet Didsbury, Manchester City Council, Mums for Lungs, local schools, local park groups, City of Trees, Manchester Environmental Education Network, Manchester Climate Alliance and the Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership have already booked their place. There will be a panel of speakers led by Amber Reid of PPPD and Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership.

Email to book a stall.

When: 20th March 6:00-8:00

Where: Parrs Wood High School