Carbon Literacy Day

Do you want to play a role in creating a sustainable future? Do you feel a lack of knowledge or uncertainty about what to do is preventing you from doing more to help save our planet?

Our informative, interactive and enjoyable Carbon Literacy day will give you a better idea of what you can do to build a better future. You’ll leave the day with an understanding of what’s causing climate change, globally and here in your local community. You’ll learn about climate science, where emissions come from and their impact on everyday life.

This training has been developed by and for Didsbury residents. You will get the opportunity to understand how the climate emergency affects our community and how we can make changes towards a zero carbon Didsbury. You will be working with other members of the local community to discuss the sources of carbon emissions and ways that you can reduce your own personal carbon footprint.

This session is for anyone who lives, works or volunteers in Didsbury.

We realise that this is a full day and is a major commitment. The reason for this is that the day follows the schedule of an approved training program and comes with an approved accreditation. Should you would like to become accredited, you will be asked to make a personal and a community carbon reduction pledge. You will receive the accreditation through the Carbon Literacy Trust

When: Sunday 29th Jan, 9:30 to 4:00

Where: Didsbury Neighbourhood Centre

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